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AIS Healthcare Patient Centric Approach

AIS HealthcareAIS Healthcare is a multifaceted company committed to championing patient experiences by revolutionizing the medical industry through cutting-edge solutions and placing itself as an inclusive provider of progressive healthcare services that include targeted drug delivery (TDD) and infusion care.

AIS’s influence extends to all 50 states, accessorized by two sophisticated and advanced 503A pharmacies located in Dallas and Ridgeland, responsible for the production of precise prescriptions through the utilization of third-party testing in its stock solutions and rigorous adherence to quality in all its operations.

Executive Leadership

A robust leadership team spearheads the organizational performance, takes great pride in their work, supports the community, and is dedicated to excellence. The outstanding figureheads include Simon Castellanos, Michelle Wiest, Cindy Dumas, and Jud Hall, just to mention a few.

Targeted Drug Delivery (TDD)

The company’s approach towards pain is precise, inculcating both management and treatment; in practicality, TDD involves dispensing medication straight into the spinal canal, providing a vigorous solution for managing severe chronic pain and muscle rigidity. This groundbreaking innovation, actualized by the Home Connect program, provides a secure alternative to oral opioids, thus mitigating the risk of overdose and abuse.

Empowering Care with Advanced Infusion

Advanced Infusion Care (AIC), an AIS division, extends its impact by offering top-tier in-home infusion services across multiple locations in the United States, including Panama, Dallas, Valdosta, Birmingham, and Clinton. The involvement of qualified personnel such as clinical pharmacists, intake managers, and infusion nurse specialists ensures that the focus on delivering customized infusion therapies remains unrivaled due to its focus on patient welfare.

Additionally, the resumption of Valdosta Pharmacy will allow for an extension of services towards 1400 people affected with various ailments such as brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, and immunodeficiencies.

The company has been steadfast in creating awareness and supporting patients affected while working towards a cure for various illnesses.

AIS HealthcareEmbracing Accolades and Accreditations

AIS’s dedication to excellence has been affirmed by its dual accreditation from URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). This prestigious recognition reinforces the company’s obligation to meet meticulous industry standards characterized by promoting patient safety and going above and beyond to ensure the unequaled quality of its products in all aspects of its operations.