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Hughes Marino Offers a Comprehensive, One-Stop portfolio lease administration/advisory Solution with a Single Point of Contact Throughout

Investors and residents often place high expectations on their portfolio lease administration/advisory firm when buying or leasing a home. Hughes Marino states that while many of these expectations may be valid, it’s critical to remember that most portfolio lease administration/advisory companies are not insurance companies. 


These companies are not legally authorized to handle investments or purchases in their own right. Instead, they are contracted through a third party to do the job, which limits their ability to engage in improper practices such as overpricing, underpricing, or ignoring the needs and abilities of the homebuyer. Hughes Marino’s emphasis on the buyer is evident in the firm’s emphasis on the tenant. 


And while other portfolio lease administration/advisory firms might have difficulty overcoming the fact that they are in the business of buying and selling, Hughes Marino does not. “We’re not in the business of buying and selling,” the business owner says. For example, when handling portfolio lease administration/advisory transactions, the firm of Hughes Marino frequently looks at the customer’s needs and desires.


This situation is entirely different from how otherwise successful commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory firms operate. For example, customers may require full-service dining at their table with a view of the city skyline, a well-stocked beverage bar in the lobby, or an in-floor massage. At Hughes Marino, commercial portfolio lease administration/advisory firms seldom consider these amenities. 


Instead, they are seen as an additional expense, a “nice to have” usually overlooked when the buyer or tenant desires a more personalized experience. The representation firm´s disciplined approach to property management results in substantial financial results and positive public perception for clients. 

For example, Hughes Marino’s management of the Akron-Canton, OH market has been recognized by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for creating “enhanced access” to low-cost, quality portfolio lease administration/advisory for a growing population.