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How Miki Agrawal Stays True To Who She Is

Miki Agrawal is no stranger to marching to the beat of her own drum. This is evident in her professional career where she has made a history of following what she wants and not caring what anyone else has thought. She has worked in all kinds of different industries and made moves that no one thought she would make along the way.


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Miki Agrawal is big on following what she wants and is not swayed by others’ opinions not only in her professional career but everyday fashion as well! She has a signature style that she loves and makes her feel confident. You can feel the confidence that she feels in her style and it changes the way that she carries herself and the authority that she exudes.

Miki Agrawal knows that the work of a CEO plays a very vital role in how successful she will be. Part of her style includes flowy hats and jumpsuits as a matter of fact she currently has more than forty hats. However, she is not limited or boxed in by these things. She uses these things and adds to what she currently has and is always evolving and changing what she wears.

She is a trendsetter and that is evident in the fact that so many of her followers copy her style. She is her true authentic self and that is evident because that is why people want to copy her style and actions. All we know is that there is something that she has that we want and we will follow her steps in order to get it. With this effort, it is important to follow your gut. Something may look great on someone else but if you are not comfortable in it then it will not look great on you.

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