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Happy Joe’s donating $50K to families of children with disabilities for 50th anniversary

Joe’s Pizza is turning 50 this year, and to celebrate such a milestone, they’re donating $50K to families with children with disabilities! Happy Joe’s believes kids should be able to participate in activities just like their peers do, which is why they want every child’s experience at Joe’s Pizza to be unforgettable. 


To show their commitment and appreciation for all the joy these kids bring into the community, they’re generously donating $1,000 to 50 families of kids with special needs. The donation from Happy Joe’s American pizza parlor will help families offset some of the medical, educational, and mobility needs that arise due to their children’s conditions. 


They hope these families will also share their experiences with other families with children with special needs and help them be more comfortable at Happy Joe’s Pizza. Tom Sacco, CEO of the American pizza parlor, believes that this restaurant is more than a pizza spot. It’s a destination for families and individuals to feel welcome and comfortable. “I would like all of us to reflect on kids’ power to define our lives. 


Happy Joe’s Pizza was created as a place where kids of all abilities would feel welcome and happy,” said Sacco. The restaurant wishes to continue making magical moments for all its guests. To them, giving back to the community is a big part of that. They aim to donate as much money as possible to as many families as possible.

Their mission is to ensure that every child’s experience at Joe’s Pizza is unforgettable! Happy Joe’s Pizza American Pizza parlor has been serving the community since 1972. It is a family-owned pizza spot located in the United States. Patrons can enjoy freshly made pizzas, subs, salads, and a variety of Joe’s homemade recipes.